b'FingernailsAll fingernails, whether real or false, must be trimmed so that they are easy to clean underneath. If you wear nail polish or artificial nails, you must wear gloves at all times, not just when youre handling ready-to-eat foods. This applies even if youre using utensils; if you wear artificial nails, you would have to wear gloves when mixing batter with a spoon, for example.JewelryYou dont want to lose a ring or bracelet into someones food, and your customers dont want to risk choking or chipping a tooth. Make sure you remove all jewelry on your arms or hands, including watches, before preparing food. Bacteria can grow underneath jewelry. Jewelry can also hinder effective hand washing.The one exception to this rule is wedding rings. You may wear your wedding ring as long as you cover it with a glove any time you are working with food.43'