b'Step 3Stir the food, checking the temperature frequently, until it reaches 70 F. (If it cant be cooled within the recom- mended time, it must be discarded).Step 4Keep adding ice to the sink when it melts; keep stirring and checking the temperature.Step 5Finish cooling the food to the recommended cold holding temperature of 41 F within four hours.Step 5When it has reached 41 F, its okay to cover the food and put it in the refrigerator.ReheatingOnce youve cooled the food, you may later remove it from cold storage and heat it up to serve again. If youve cooled the food following the proper methods, its safe to re-heat it to any temperature. If youre working with a cooked food that is cold but will be heated up and hot held, you need to ensure it is heated to at least 165o F, and that the food reaches that temperature within two hours.63'